Alexigros school group

Excited about renewable energy - schedule your wind farm visit!

Numerous schools have visited the wind farm Alexigros since the beginning of its operation back in 2012.     

Public and private schools, classes from elementary/secondary schools as well as high schools have come to hear all about the wind farm, about wind turbines in general and how it works. 



Renewable energies have become part of the schools curriculum and the most encouraging thing is that the new generation embraces fully and are totally excited about the new forms of electricity production and the conservation and protection of nature and the environment. 

These kids are absolutely amazing and their keen interest and questions encourage us to continue offering these wind farm tours. 


If you are a teacher and if you would like to take your students on an unforgettable day trip to our wind farm, get in touch with us (ask for Sylvia). Of course, any group of interested persons is more than welcome to visit and arrange for a guided tour, too.

The tour takes approximately one hour, depending on the size of the group, and is free of charge. Preferred group size: 10-50 persons.